Treatment plans offered by invisalign London clinics

Everybody desires a good smile because it gives them confidence and good teeth make them look attractive. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with well structured and white teeth. Some people are also blessed with good teeth but their teeth are affected by teeth diseases that damage their teeth. There are so many methods or ways of correcting teeth problems and invisalign method is one of them. Invisalign London clinics have been benefitting from the increased demand in this service because they are the most comfortable way to correct uneven teeth. The process involves installation of invisible braces or aligners that are custom made for every client’s teeth. They help in correcting teeth without anyone noticing you have the braces or the aligners because they are invisible and also comfortable.

Invisalign London clinics offer patients with a treatment plan that is divided into weeks. The whole treatment plan is eight weeks long and every week has a specific activity that the dentists will be doing to the clients. Week one is for conducting initial consultations. Most of these clinics offer free initial consultation however after the initial consultation; the follow-up consultations are not free. Consultation is necessary to determine the condition of the teeth and determine how to go about the treatment of the teeth, determine the kind of braces or aligners that you need and any other thing needed for treatment. Week two is for conducting impressions and x-rays. X-rays of the teeth have to be done to determine the extent of damage of the teeth and to identify the most affected areas of the teeth. Impressions of the teeth are also necessary to help in determining a treatment plan for correcting the teeth. These x-rays and impressions will help dentist to design an effective treatment for patients.

After the x-rays and impressions have been done, a week is needed for the results top be released and analysis done. In week four, the dentists discuss the results of the x-rays and their analysis of the x-rays and determine a treatment plan with the patient. Determination of treatment plan involves determining the braces or aligners to be used. Treatment plans vary with patients because different patients have different needs. Another week is required for the aligners or braces to be designed and made. In week six and seven the first braces or aligners are fitted. During these two weeks the dentists fit the braces or aligners on the patient’s teeth and monitor the treatment process to ensure that the treatment is going as planned. From week eight onwards the dentist conducts regular reviews and check-ups in line with treatment plan. The invisalign procedure delivers invisible and removable braces that are very comfortable but constant checks are necessary to track the progress of the treatment and ensure that the treatment is working. In case the treatment is not working then the treatment plan is reviewed again to determine better treatment for the teeth. When patients follow these treatment plans loyally then they will have good teeth and can be confident in their smiles.