Things you Need to Remember Before Automating your Twitter Account

Any type of automation with regard to social media marketing is always a hotly contested topic. With Twitter being one of the top platforms for promoting brands, that controversy is not an exception. New tools are being developed every now and then making it possible to automate almost every other aspect of your account. However, before you go to looking for the best Twitter bots in 2018, here are a number of things that should cross your mind if you want to get the right tool for your wants.

Know your needs

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide array of bots in the market designed to suit varying user needs. Do you want to an auto-like, auto-comment, auto-follow or an auto-reply tool? You can get one for each individual task or one that can perform all those tasks combined. Even so, remember that some bots carry a higher risk than others, hence take into account the risk factor of the bot you intend to use.

Twitter prohibits the use of automation tools to increase your followers on the platform. Hence, using a bot that auto-follows thousands of users at a go is a high-risk maneuver that can get your account easily flagged. So, look for a bot that can help you achieve your already proven manual tactics such as auto-liking or auto-following specific target audience without raising eyebrows.

Bots cannot replace the human touch

Once you realize that, it can be very easy to use these tools without throwing too much away. If you decide to automate your account, retain the human touch by following up on your bot actions and engaging directly with your followers.

For instance, if you have scheduled posts to appear at a particular time, it’s important to follow up and see if there are any comments or queries you need to reply to. Even a simple ‘thank you’ on a positive comment can be the foundation of creating a long-term relationship with a potential customer. Therefore, do not let the bots take over the control of your account. Use them as a means to elevate your manual efforts rather than a replacement.

Be creative

There are numerous ways you can use automation tools creatively to drive your online strategy without risking your brand’s image.  Be smart enough to research how you can automate your account without violating Twitter’s terms of use. That way, you will be saving up valuable time while the bot assumes your role perfectly without any suspicious activities. As long as you are not violating Twitter’s automation rules and you are using automation tools constructively, you are good to go.