Safety Features To Consider In A Bug Zapper

Bug zapper is a safe device to be used in homes. It is just like an electrical device which is used to make your home and surroundings insect and bug free. Many types of bugs and insects show up during the rainy season or spring season. These bugs cause a lot of problems in doing your daily activities. Mosquitoes, flies cause many problems while sleeping or resting. Mosquitoes and flies are very dangerous as they carry many types of diseases with them. To ensure the safety of your children and other family members, you must use a bug zapper in your house. These zappers usually attract the bugs with the help of an ultraviolet light and kill the insects by giving them an electric shock. But being a high voltage device, these zappers also demand some safety precautions while using them. You can get to know more about them at Bug Shock.

Safety Features

The safety features that need to be considered while using the bug zapper in your house are mentioned below.

Child safety: Child safety is the first feature that needs to be considered while using the bug zapper in your house. The bug zapper uses the high voltage of electric current to kill the insects, flies and bugs. The bug zapper uses a wire net in which a high voltage current is supplied. When a bug comes in contact of the wired net it gets killed instantly with an electric shock. A protection cage is provided outside of the bug zapper to ensure the safety of children and pets. But there are chances that some curious kids might end up getting an electric shock. So, this machine must be installed at a specific place which is out of the reach of children as well as pets. Children under no circumstances should be allowed to play near the bug zapper. A strict supervision is advised if you a have child in your home.

Connections: Whether you are using an indoor or an outdoor bug zapper, you must make sure that all the connections that are made must be properly connected. The wires must be safe to use. There should be no joints in between the wire as this may cause an electric shock or cause a short circuit. If you are using bug zapper outside of your home in the backyard or garden area, then the wires used should be capable of handling the harsh weather conditions. Most of the wires gets crooked and damaged due to constant sunlight and rain.