Orthodontics – the origin, different types of procedures and the experienced orthodontist in New York

It can be said that orthodontics came into existence as a science during the 1880s. The history of dental brace is a complex one and many people contributed towards the rapid development of modern orthodontics. The book written by Pierre Fauchard in 1728 called ‘The Surgeon Dentist’ talks about different methods of straightening teeth and another book, written by Bourdet ( a well known French dentist) in 1957 called ‘The Dentist’s Art’ also discusses about alignment of tooth and the use of appliances to correct the alignment. These two books are the first one ones that contain significant references about the modern orthodontics.

Some historians say that Norman Kingsley is the father of orthodontics and he was a dentist, sculptor and artist as well. His book known as ‘Treatise on Oral Deformities’ played a significant role in making this branch of dentistry popular and another person known as J N Farrar also wrote a book about different teeth irregularities and the related solutions. He was the first person to talk about the importance of using small force at regular intervals to move teeth to the correct position. Today, technological developments have revolutionized the concept of orthodontics in many ways and an experienced and reliable orthodontist in New York makes use of sophisticated technology and equipment to address different types of teeth irregularities.

Different types of orthodontic treatments

New York orthodontists make use of a wide range of methods to correct misaligned teeth and malocclusion. The most common orthodontics options include interceptive treatment, preventive treatment, comprehensive orthodontic treatment, teeth extractions and surgical treatment as well.

Interceptive orthodontics

The primary aim of this treatment is to eliminate the root cause of a developing problem and it is known as phase 1 treatment. It is being done through growth modification and the orthodontist in New York employs a palate expander to ensure the much needed space for the permanent tooth eruption.

Preventive orthodontics

The basic aim of this procedure is to provide the most ideal condition for the eruption of the permanent teeth and in order to make it happen, an experienced orthodontist in New York removes the primary tooth. It is done mainly because the primary tooth prevents the proper eruption of permanent tooth. For those, who do not have primary tooth; the dentist utilizes a space container to hold the space of primary tooth.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment

Depending on the severity of the issue, this procedure contains one or two phases and the dentist uses fixed appliances like braces to address the current problem. In special cases, oral surgery is combined with comprehensive orthodontics to offer best results.

Teeth extractions

When the space becomes inadequate for all teeth to fit properly, the New York orthodontist extracts one or two teeth to generate enough space for the remaining teeth. Highly advanced orthodontic procedures always explore the chances of eliminating tooth extraction with the help of expander devices and such a method of approach improves the dental arch size.

Surgical orthodontics

When traditional orthodontic procedures become inadequate to solve issues like tooth and jaw abnormalities; surgical orthodontic procedures are performed and the dental surgeon performs the surgery with the help of the treatment plan of the orthodontist.


Generally speaking, these are the five most popular orthodontic procedures available and the New York orthodontist chooses the most suitable method based on the current dental condition of the patient.


This article talks about the origin of orthodontics and it also unveils the most popular orthodontic treatment options available.