How to Teach Your Kid on a Swing to Pump

Nothing beats hitting the playground with your child. It’s an excellent way for you and your little angel to have fun and build a special bond. It also helps your preschooler exercise and improves essential gross motor skills. Swings, in particular, create a perfect situation for a kid to improve their coordination and strengthen their arms and legs.

However, it is not always you’ll have the time to play with your child. So, whenever you get the time, you’d better teach them how to use the swing without being pushed, but by pumping themselves.

 Techniques to Teach Your Child How to Do it Right

Pumping may appear simple but is quite a complicated maneuver. A couple of things need to a happened to happen before your kid can learn how to it correctly. Of course, it starts by ensuring that the little one is ready.

When it is time to start, walk him/her through the entire process. Depending on your child’s level of comfort, you may want to stay close when he/her takes the pumps. Explain the importance of bending the legs while heading backward and straightening them when moving forward.

Note that your preschooler will not master the basics right away, so you need to patient. You may want to push the swing once in a while to help him/her through. In the meantime, these tips will come in handy when teaching your child how to pump;

  •  You’re better off with a low-hanging swing that’s easy for the kid to get on and off without assistance
  • You may bring the child on your lap during the first pumps to help him/her have a feel of what it takes to pump
  • Let the little one attempt to touch your hands with their feet as he/she swing. You need to stand in front of the swing and hold out your hands for this to happen
  • Teach the kid how to “kick the sky” with a forward swing and to “be a turtle” (hide and tuck the legs) as he/her moves back.
  • Ensure that your child knows what do with each movement. That’s the easiest way to help the lesson register.

It is important that you remind your child to never walk near a swing set. You need to make them aware that other people may be swinging so walking past them increases the risk of injury. Also, remind them not to walk directly in front or behind of someone who’s swinging.