Growth Hacks for Instagram: From Novice to Pro

Growth hacking is a term that people have thrown around loosely over the past few months. You might be wondering what it is and what you stand to gain from it as a marketer. Let us look at the concepts and benefits of growth hacking on Instagram.

If you have grown sick of the “follow/unfollow, comment/uncomment” method, then you are not alone. Thousands of business people are tired of this routine and are looking for a simple way of getting the best engagement without poring over their laptop screens day and night.

You will get scared when you notice a drop in the level of engagement on Instagram, a drop in the number of followers especially or fewer comments on your posts. Social media is a good platform for you to engage on, but when the numbers start dropping, you need to get worried.

Instead of giving up and losing faith in this platform, you need to find a solution to bring up your numbers to the previous level, even bypass them. Here are a few things that you can do to boost your Instagram engagement.

Incorporate Keywords into Your Title

The title or headline is the text that shows up on the profile at the top of your bio. Although this headline only appears on your profile, it is a vital feature when it comes to optimizing your efforts because it comes up in the search function.

Make sure you include key phrases and words in this headline so that you feature in top search results. If you deal in fashion, you can come up with phrases such as “top fashion”, “kid fashion” and more. This means when someone searches for fashion attires for kids your account pops up automatically.

Create the Perfect Bio

Let your users into the little secret that is your bio. The bio tells your audience what to expect from you and how to get it. A plain old Instagram bio will leave your customers asking yourself “so what else does he offer?”

Why should someone follow you yet they don’t know what solution you offer to them as individuals? You need to tell your audience about your profession, what more you plan to deliver and how best you can do it better than competitors.

Use Your Link

Instagram gives you a link that you can use to redirect the audience to your website. Most Instagram account owners are doing the rookie mistake of failing to link back to their Instagram accounts. You can get your followers off your Instagram pages right to your website, Facebook page, and other platforms.

Automate to Grow

You can use an automation tool to engage your audience. This saves you the time of seeking followers and makes sure you build your audience the right way. Check out to understand what kind of tool you need for this task.

In Closing

You can hack your Instagram growth easily by following these few tips that will take you from Instagram novice to pro in just a few steps.