From DIY To Different Types Of Lipsticks

The gloss and the rigidity of the lipstick depend upon the quality of wax which has been used. There are different types of waxes which contribute to the quality of the lipstick. A person can select from the wide range of waxes in order to make sure that she gets the right one which lasts for a longer period of time. Below here is mentioned in detail about the different types of waxes which are available in the market and let us prioritize them according to what they cost to us

Beeswax lipsticks-

These are considered to be the cheapest of all the models which are available in the market. A person has numerous varieties and shades of lipsticks which are made with bee wax. The use of bee wax is very common and can be considered as the most used and inexpensive method of buying a lipstick. You can read more here at

Lipstick with natural elements

This lipstick variety costs a bit more as compared to the bee wax lipsticks. There are many ingredients which can be combined together in order to make the perfect lipsticks. The ingredients can be as follows- cocoa butter, olive oil, Shea butter and mango butter. However, the other ingredients like the pigment and use of petroleum and alcohol remains the same but; the other elements are replaced with much better natural derivatives hence, causing it to cost more than the usual lipstick.

DIY lipstick

With the advent in the technology, things have become much less complicated. If you wish to learn how to make a lipstick at home, you can order the kits which are available online. These kits are helpful in making lipsticks by wax, oils, pigments and all the essentials which are required in the basics. If a person wishes to make something professional, then there are kits which are available in making professional lipsticks. These kits can be availed online and you can start working on making a lipstick on your own.

The add ons

A lipstick cannot just work fine with any lip type. The shape and size of lips differ from person to person. So, make sure that you use colors which look the best over the size and shape of the lips. Considering the add ons, there is lip liner which can be availed. The lip liner makes it easy for the women to keep the lipstick in proper alignment with the lips.