What to Do When Cold Weather Affects Your Air Compressors

When the weather gets chilly, you should consider “winterizing” your air compressors. You see, cold temperatures affect the compressors coolant, interfering the unit’s ability to turn. Other than that, the compressor may warp, crack or corrode. However, you can prevent these issues way before the temperatures begin to fall. Here’s how;

Install a Cabinet Heating Inside the System

One of the easiest ways to prevent the compressor’s oil from freezing is to mount a power heater inside the unit’s cabinet. The idea here is to keep the temperatures around the compressor above five degrees Celsius. That way, you can rest assured that the system will work excellently during winter.

Check the Compressor’s Oil Once in a While

As stated, low temperature may cause the freezer’s oil to condense. You, therefore, need to draw out the condensate on a regular basis. Think of it as standard maintenance procedure. By draining the condensate, you prevent possible damage or blocking of the unit’s air pipework system.  If you’re not sure of what to do, you may hire a professional to fit a system that will draw out the condensate at pre-set intervals.

Also, service the air compressor often to prevent the mix-up of water and lubricating oil within the system. Thick oil may cause overload issues and by extension affect the compressor’s efficiency.

Heat the Filters and Dryers

As you protect the air compressor’s internal system from damage by cold weather, you should pay close attention to the dryer and filters too. As you may already know, these two components are central to your compressor’s functionality. After all, they help keep the compressed air dry while ensuring that water doesn’t freeze downstream to block your pipes.

Dryers and filters work optimally if the surrounding temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to heat the unit’s housing.

Even as you set out to keep your air compressor working optimally during winter, you must have the right model to make the most out of your unit. At lrcmhc.org , we tell you which are the best air compressors for the money and most importantly what to expect with each model. We understand that choosing a compressor that meets your needs is hard, so we have done the hard work on your behalf. In simpler terms, we seek to help you purchase a system that won’t disappoint, no matter your budget.

3 Tips For Your Intelligent Packaging Design

Owning a small business can be rewarding, especially when you are watching it grow from the beginning and turn into something that you are proud of. And, apart from the business idea that must be innovative, in order to ensure your company’s success, branding and marketing it perfectly remain the other two components that will, ultimately, lead to your success. A good branding and PR management means you will easily become recognized through your signature logo, motto or product, and that people will learn more about your products or services. But how do you achieve that? Read below to find the most intelligent tips for marketing your business:

  1. Intelligent design for packaging

One of the most important aspects of good branding represents an innovative design for packaging, including colors, shapes, promotional materials, graphic design or labels. Make sure to appeal to a specialized company to offer all of these integrated solutions and to come up with the best packaging design and idea for your products. Labeling is extremely important, especially if you want to place your products on the top counters of every in-demand supermarket. Try to be as bold as possible and think outside the box. Remember, a good package design is the number one rule of direct marketing, meaning that, if your packaging is eye catchy, more and more customers will be willing to pick up your product from the counters and give it a try.

There are plenty of companies that already provide intelligent marketing solutions for all small and big businesses, thus you only need to browse through the market offers and find the company that will best represent your interests. Moreover, if you choose to appeal to multiple services from the same marketing company (including web design, packaging design, printable materials, etc.), you can benefit from generous discounts and additional special offers.

  1. Think about where you want to market your products

Fliers and stalking people through their mobile phones probably represent the best example of ancient, aggressive and nonetheless irritating type of bad direct marketing. We live in an era where people require their privacy more than ever, meaning that when they reach home, they will probably want to unplug from everything else exterior, except for their screens. Online marketing has become the number one most common used type of marketing these days, especially since mainly all of your potential clients have Internet access and can easily reach any type of information required about your products or services. Thus, it would be best to stick to these marketing advertorials, but, again, avoid email spamming. Nobody reads their spam inbox anymore so it would probably make more sense to start paying for your advertise on social media platforms and specific websites.

  1. Know your customers.

No matter the type of marketing used, make sure to target your specific group customers. Bear in mind that different group ages react to different stimuli so, if you want to market a product that is designed for children, you will not be using adult vocabulary, but you will place your products and advertising near playgrounds, schools, parks, kinder gardens, etc.