How to to Choose the Right Mannequins for a Retail Store

The right mannequin for a retail store tells customers exactly who the merchandise is geared for. This highlights the importance of selecting a mannequin that fits the store’s image, the correct face and form of the merchandise, as well as the merchandise’s price point. The look of any mannequin informs customers what the store is all about. It is quite easy to make mistakes when shopping for them. Below is a guide to choosing the right mannequins for a store.

When shopping for a mannequin, most of the mistakes made are in the form of ‘great offers’. If the chosen one does not fit the store owner’s needs, then he/she is throwing down money down the tube. This is the case even if they come for free. A wrong mannequin is probably worse than none at all. For homeowners wishing to stretch their visual merchandising budget, they can consider purchasing a second-hand mannequin. It is advisable to go for one recycled from a department store that sells clothing similar to those of the store owner.

A certain mannequin may be meant for action poses, meaning it can only be used to display sports clothing. It cannot be used to display evening or business wear without it looking foolish. On the other hand, if a store owner who specializes in sports oriented clothing gets a great deal on a stylish, ladylike mannequin, they should think twice before making the purchase. This is because their clothes imply action, and such a mannequin will make them look like it’s a cocktail party.

An important consideration to make is the mannequin’s skin tone or finish. The store owner should carefully think this through as a too tanned tone will look dirty over time while a tan that is too pale could be inappropriate for the customer base. For those whose customers are of mixed races, it is advisable to go for mannequins with a mixed look but having a slightly darker skin tone. These are usually the most powerful and interesting, and are capable of appealing to everyone.

A question that storeowners need to ask themselves is who their customers are. The more they can get a mannequin to relate to their customer base, the more it will sell for them. Another factor to consider is the store’s brand. The owner should figure out if it is hi-tech, sleek or modern. Generally, an egghead or abstract mannequin is ideal for a store with a more stylized look. Depending on the store’s customers, they are available in black, white and a rainbow of colors. To narrow their choice further, store owners should take their customer’s age into consideration. Usually, younger is associated with livelier, brighter looks as well as more playful mannequin expressions and poses.

When dressing mannequins, it is important to put some basics of design into consideration. For example, if one has a white mannequin and is selling blouses in black, white or bright colors, it is advisable to choose items contrasting with the mannequin’s finish. Also, adding matching accessories such as jewelry will make it easier for customers to visualize outfits with more than merely the basic clothing.

Why Choose London Serviced Apartments

Choosing an accommodation while visiting London is something a lot of people have difficulty with. There are a number of hotels in London where people can stay but hotels do not offer the same comfort a home does. London serviced apartments are perfect for those who wish to have a place where they can engage in activities they would normally do in their own home. The apartments are fully furnished and have all the necessary things a tenant may need. They are also very different from hotels and have a lot of advantages over hotels.

One of the advantages a serviced apartment has over a standard hotel is the fact that it has more space. There is a separate living room, bedroom and dining area. This is very important for those who are on business trips and require the apartment for an extended period of time. This is because the apartment has enough space to do different things that keep their mind of work. This is not possible in hotels since they only have one room. It is impossible to feel at home in hotels since there is very little movement that can be done in the room.

Another advantage of the serviced apartments is the fact that they have a fully equipped kitchen. This is very important because it enables the person to save money that would otherwise be spent eating out since it is cheaper to prepare food at home. It is also possible to keep track of calorie intake. This is important if the person is looking to live a healthy lifestyle or when they are trying to lose some weight. The kitchen also saves time that would be spent going around town to look for some place to eat out.

Serviced apartments are also perfect because they are good for family travel. When a family stays at a hotel, they have to get several rooms to accommodate each person on the trip. Since everyone has their own room, it becomes extremely difficult to spend time together since everyone is far from each other. This is however not the case with serviced apartments. Serviced apartments have a living room and several bedrooms. Each person therefore gets their privacy and the family can spend as much time together as they want in the comfort of one room. This makes it feel more like home.

Last but not least, a person gets to enjoy their privacy in a serviced apartment than they would if they were staying at a hotel. This is because room service does not happen as frequent as it does in hotels. In the serviced apartment, the house keeping is only done a few times in the week. The person can therefore enjoy staying in the entire day without interruptions or annoying disturbances of room service. It is also advantageous because it gives the person living in the room time to get valuables out of the way before the cleaning. This is not possible in hotels because the house keeper steps in several times in a day.

Factors to consider when choosing a whelping box

When it comes to a family increasing in number due to a bitch giving birth, its owners generally want the very best for them. With freedoms being limited and caring for the young a priority, a bitch should be provided with a whelping box to help them feel both secure and give them a chance to bond with its new ones.

Type of breed

Generally depending on the breed of the bitch differences in weight is always expected. Thus when it comes to choosing a suitable box, plastic boxes are discouraged to be purchased for bernese mountain dogs and German shepherds or any other large breeds. This is because it will be destroyed in a short while, hence only suitable for smaller breeds. Length and width of the box will also be determined by the size of the bitch. This technically means that the length of the dog should be measured when it is lying flat on the ground and the right sized box purchased. The bitches’ temperament is another thing that should be looked up, if a dog is easily excitable or an anxious one like German shepherd, a bigger box that can almost fit two dogs should be bought, this will help them feel more comfortable as there’s more space. However when it comes to generally lazy dogs that like to stay in one place like the ole mutt a box that fits their size will be better. Cleanliness is another aspect that has to be looked into when considering the right box for a bitch. Different dog breeds have different cleaning routines and as that a box should be bought putting this in mind. When it comes to choosing the best one, Cleaner dogs will need a more perforated sleeping pad, this way they can be able to push out all the dirt from the pad to the floor .However to be one the safe side and reduce chances of diseases perforated sleeping pads should be bought for all bitches.

Number of puppies

When it comes to buying a sleeping and relaxing box for a bitch after birth has already taken place. Considering the number of puppies will be a major factor when one is going to purchase a box. This goes without saying that a smaller pack needs a smaller box and a larger box for a larger pack.

Habits of owner

The habits of the owner are one of the important aspects to consider when choosing a whelping box. This is due to the fact that everyone comes with different habits. Some of the owners may like to cuddle up with the dogs in the boxes while others do not. With this is mind a bigger box will be suitable for those who like to spend time with their bitches, and one that fits for those who like to stay separate from their pets.

However it is good to note that the environment of where the family is staying is also important as weather is usually different. Padded flooring should be bought in plenty especially in winter to shield the new family from the cold. Adjustable boxes should be bought so that the sizes can be toyed with to fit the occasion making both the bitch and the family at large happy and comfortable.

Different Types of Sportswear and Tips To Choose The Right One

Selecting the correct sporting apparel can go a long way in deciding how you may perform in a particular sport. This is because the right apparel ensures that you are absolutely comfortable and can focus on the task of performing well. Selecting clothes that do not fit well and are inappropriate for the sporting event can seriously affect the performance of any sportsperson. Thus it is extremely important to choose well.

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Sporting Apparel:

Type of Sport:

Different sports require different types of sporting apparel. The sporting apparel for a racer cannot be the same as that of a marathon runner. So you must keep in mind the situations the sportsperson will be facing during the sporting event and choose accordingly.

Choose the Right Fabric:

For sports that involve a lot of physical movement, it is always advisable to go for clothes made of cotton as they allow the flow of air and absorb a lot of sweat. Skin hugging clothes do not allow the skin to breathe and can cause a lot of discomfort.

Choose the Perfect Size:

You never want ill-fitting clothes to hamper your body movement and cause discomfort while you are playing any kind of sport. This can take your focus away from the game and can prevent you from concentrating properly. Hence choose the perfect size of clothing, not too large and not too tight.

Here is a list of the common sportswear clothing items:


A tracksuit comprises of a lightweight full sleeved zipper jacket with matching trousers to go with it. This type of apparel is mainly suited for warm up activities before the game actually begins, as they keep the body warm and keep players comfortable irrespective of the conditions outside.


Shorts are one of the most common pieces of clothing worn by sportspersons. They are used in a lot of field and contact sports which require the legs to move fluently and without any hindrance. They are versatile when it comes to style and are available in a wide variety of sizes for various sports.

Base Layers

The base layer is mainly worn on top of the skin directly to absorb sweat and help in keeping the body warm during low temperatures. This type of apparel is most commonly linked to winter sports like snowboarding and skiing but they can also be used for other field sports when the temperatures are on the lower side. The base layer outfit hugs the skin and preserves body heat without hindering body movement.

Sports Tops

These are shirts that are meant to be worn during sports. These can be round neck t-shirts, collared t-shirts or half sleeved t-shirts made from skin friendly fabric like cotton or cotton mixed with polyester.


Fleece is a type of sportswear that keeps the body warm and is meant for cold weather sports. The outer layers prevent body heat from escaping and ensure that sportspersons remain comfortable even in low temperatures. They tend to be warmer than tracksuit tops as they are made of thicker material.

Thus you must pick the right type of clothing if you intend to perform at the highest level in any sport. You must also remember one thing that comfort is more important than style when it comes to choosing sports apparel.